Member Spotlight: July 2017


Member Spotlight:

Jeannie Citerman-Kraeger
Lead Staff, Governance Committee; Cleveland/Cuyahoga Workforce Development Board

What led you to your position at the Workforce Development Board?
I couldn't find any other opportunity at the time! I was asked if I would be interested. It is part of the Encore program that the Cleveland Foundation spearheads. It is always nice to be asked to participate in a project/program/opportunity! It is also nice to be appreciated.
What is most challenging in your position? What is most rewarding?
Discovering how to work with volunteer Board members from all over is most challenging. The opportunity to hear how the organization impacts people and companies is most rewarding.

How does your job make a difference in your community?
Not sure ... I know that the organization's mission is to help folks in-between opportunities, so that feels good.
What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?
Volunteering! Actually I have been quite involved in two volunteer projects within the last two years.  I recently received awards  acknowledging both! 
How does being an FVA member benefit you in your position?
It has always been helpful in networking both personally and professionally.