Member Spotlight: September 2017


Member Spotlight:

Allison Capella
Volunteer Coordinator/Event Planner ~ Catholic Community of St. Gabriel


What led you to your position of Volunteer Coordinator/Event Planner at St. Gabriel?
I had been involved in several volunteer projects here at church, and I was asked to take on a part-time paying position 10 years ago. It has evolved into an enriching full-time job that is ever-changing and always interesting!

What is most challenging in your position? What is most rewarding?
The most challenging area is balancing what needs to get done with new initiatives and growth I see as possibilities with my position. I can get stagnant in the day to day of spreadsheets and to do lists, and need to take the “outside the box” ideas from their someday status to the present. There is so much that could and should be done! The most rewarding area is seeing people discover themselves and blossom. Time and time again, I am blessed to see people become involved in a small way, discover their gifts and how to really use them, and they give so much back to the church and community. Through discussion and observation, being able to guide a person along the way a deeper use of their gifts is rewarding and inspiring.

How does your job make a difference in your community?
We have many outreach ministries, but I have to say that our Annual Community Day of Service is the most hands on difference that I have in my position. After receiving requests from people - especially families with children - for opportunities to help others in our community, our annual service day was organized and has been going strong for 5 years. It’s probably my favorite day of the year.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?
I like to be outdoors, reading, spending time with friends and planning trips. Discovering new places and activities is always fun. And of course, I love spending time with my sons – they remind me of what’s really important.

How does being an FVA member benefit you in your position?
Being in a faith-based environment lends itself to unique and rewarding connections, but there are very few titled Volunteer Coordinators. It’s helpful to meet others in my same position in various types of businesses, discover the resources that are available, and just to be able to bounce ideas off others. I am grateful for this organization and the people who dedicate their time to keep it vibrant.

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