Member Spotlight: March 2018

 Member Spotlight:

Jaime Yohman
Marketing Manager ~ Mill Creek MetroParks


What led you to your position at the Mill Creek MetroParks? 
I have been in the marketing/advertising field for 16 years and was looking to broaden ways in which to use my degree and skill set. Mill Creek MetroParks was filling a position to encompass both marketing and volunteer management. This sparked my interest as I love my career field in marketing and advertising but I also enjoy working with people and building relationships. This was a perfect position to do both.

What is most challenging in your position? What is most rewarding?
The most challenging is to balance a successful advertising/marketing campaign for the park along with building a great volunteer program and having the balance to dedicate time to my volunteers to be sure they are being fulfilled with the volunteer opportunities we offer at the park. The most rewarding is knowing what I am doing now is helping to create a successful, organized volunteer program to be used now and long into the future. It is so rewarding to hear volunteers tell me how they have enjoyed a certain program or event in which they volunteered and how they appreciate the organization of the volunteer program as it is now and that they know that I am their central go-to person if they have a need.

How does your job make a difference in your community?
I feel my job continually reminds residents that our park is right in their backyard. When residents have lived here their whole life they tend to forget what we have to offer and to urge them to take advantage of the many programs, events, classes and 4,500 acres of recreational opportunities that are at their fingertips. The volunteer program offers people the ability to gain knowledge about something that interests them, gain new friendships with individuals who share the same interests, and at the same time give back to the community by providing a thumbprint in the Mill Creek MetroParks mission.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?
I enjoy spending time with my family which consists of my husband John, 10 year old son Chase and our puppy Ellie. We enjoy biking, fishing, swimming, and basically anything outdoors. My absolute favorite after-work activity is attending my sons sporting events, whether it’s baseball, soccer, or basketball I am always there in the stands cheering on him and his teammates!

How does being an FVA member benefit you in your position?
I feel being an FVA member will introduce me to colleagues with many years of experience in managing volunteers. I hope to gain insight from them in ways to recruit, retain, engage and organize my volunteers. I feel we never stop learning or striving to be better and there is always someone around the corner that you will meet with a different idea or perspective in which you can learn from. 

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