Upcoming Workshops

Join us for one or all of our 2016 workshops! These programs will help you advance your volunteer management knowledge, allow you to connect with other professionals and gain leadership skills.

Cost: $25-Members, $40-Non-members per workshop

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Date Time Location Description
Wednesday, May 11, 2016 3-4:30pm

Breckenridge Village Main Campus - Osborne Community Plaza, 36851 Ridge Road, Willoughby 44094

Retiring Volunteers with Dignity

Volunteering can be a very important part of someone’s routine, social life and self esteem.  But what happens when it is time for a volunteer to retire?  Maybe you know it before they do. Maybe they are integral part of the community in which they volunteer.  Are there any alternatives? How can the transition of retiring be part of the culture of your volunteer program?  Retiring volunteers with dignity is an important part of a successful volunteer program.  Learn how respectfully retiring volunteers can make your organization attractive and make a difficult task easier.

Please join Debora Erksa, the Director of Life Enrichment & Cultural Arts at Breckenridge Village, as she shares her experiences and practices on volunteer retirement with mindfulness, compassion and dignity.



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