Join us for these informal networking events, free for FVA members and non-members. New to FVA? This is a great opportunity to learn what we are all about! Download our 2021 flier.

2021 Schedule
FREE and no registration required

For Virtual Conversations, please visit each calendar listing for Zoom link details. Thank you!

Thursday, July 15 / 9 am 
VIRTUAL COFFEE CONVERSATION—Preventing and Addressing Volunteer Burnout
The event is over, the people gone, the venue cleaned, and many working hours complete. Looking ahead, there’s more to come. How do you bridge the gap to ensure volunteers retain the energy that they need to forge ahead? Come give and receive ideas on sustaining volunteer energy.

Thursday, September 23 / 9 am
Learning alert! Calling all lovers of podcasts, TED talks and more. In this coffee conversation, we challenge participants to identify their favorite podcast episodes, YouTube videos, TED talks or articles. Come prepared to share and receive the best quotes, lessons, laughs and more during this cozy fall conversation.

December 16 / 12 pm
Share memories, joys, and cookie recipes to close out the year! The best part of the winter season is sharing memories and camaraderie. In this festive event, dress for holiday cheer and login to toast to the end of another year. On the call, trade funny stories, cookie recipes, and dear memories to close our FVA year.