Merle Walker, Lake Metroparks





Being a member of FVA has afforded me many opportunities. I first got involved with FVA in about 1991 when I took a few classes. At that time, I was the only one at Lake Farmpark doing what I was doing and thought if I could get involved with likeminded professionals that understood volunteer administration and management I would be able to develop a really good volunteer program for the park. As my job duties expanded and I became the Volunteer Program Manager for Lake Metroparks my passion for what I was doing continued and I found I must say the journey has been real and the people I have met along the way have been inspiring. Since being with this organization I have seen it evolve into a really good resource for those in the volunteer business. FVA’s mission has been constant.

I believe an organization is only as good as the contributions of it board and members. As a member I was able to take advantage of opportunities by volunteering. Not only was I able to attend classes but later began to teach classes in volunteer management and administration. Volunteer Managers are special. They have the ability to allow others to be the change they would like to see in the world. How we handle that and what tools we use, makes all the difference. FVA can open doors to endless possibility if you truly get involved.

Today, I am the FVA membership chair. I work with a small team of wonderful professionals that bring their expertise and commitment. Each year the Membership team helps put on the annual networking event and works to recruit members. I would like to challenge you as a member to get more involved in the organization. All FVA programs and activities are overseen and coordinated by the member volunteer teams. Because we recognized time is a commodity most teams meet via conference calls or text. New and seasoned members are always welcome! Being on a team will allow you to broaden your horizons, give yourself a wider experience, meet new people and enhance your skills. Hope you continue to connect, collaborate and grow with FVA.

Thank you -  Sarah Hartley, Traci Hissam, Shelley Orloski and Linda Llewellyn – FVA’s Membership Team.