Member Spotlight: Nadine Gamble

Nadine Gamble serves as the Vice President of FVA we asked Nadine to tell us how would someone describe her?  She responded I hope I'd be described as dedicated, hardworking and persistent. I've always had to feel a deep connection with the nonprofit's mission in order to stay long term. Currently, I'm focusing on FVA and not working at any other organization.

In the past, I've managed volunteers for the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society and Greater Cleveland Volunteers. I first became involved with FVA as a member by attending workshops and the annual conference. When I left GCV, I was asked to serve on the Professional Resources Committee. Although the idea of managing ten events a year seemed daunting, everyone on the committee helped out and by the second year, it seemed a breeze. I've met many new people while on that committee and the Board and feel like I've formed a few lasting friendships with other members.

On another note what might someone be surprised to know about Nadine Gamble? Well, on the side, I write magazine articles and picture books for children. I'm working at this every day … being persistent, determined and resilient to weather all the ups and downs of this field. I've participated in two Guinness Book of World Records.

As vice president of FVA, what sorts of trends do you see? -I don't think I have any big surprises to add to this topic, but it seems that short term and one day volunteer opportunities are key to attracting volunteers. If they like what they do in one day and identify with the mission of the organization, they may stick around. Many nonprofits are stuck in the mold, expecting volunteers to come and stay for years. We've got to figure out how to remold the positions we have into ones that are easily completed in a day or remotely in order to get more millennials through the door.

Being on the board of FVA where would you say the organization headed? I hope we are providing programs that are meeting our members' needs. I've been told that compared to many organizations like FVA, we have a large, active membership. In order to continue moving forward, we need members to help on the Board and provide ideas for future programs that would help our members grow in this profession.

Nadine would like others to JOIN! It's hard to walk through the door for that first workshop, but I think you'll find that our members are friendly and welcoming. Becoming a member of FVA can help in times of difficulty on the job because members have a place to come and get advice, be mentored and connect with others who are dealing or have dealt with a similar situation.

Nadine’s Professional tips-if you're struggling with a situation at your organization, reach out to other members of FVA in person or online (we have Facebook and LinkedIn accounts). We have tons of experienced leaders in this group. On the other hand, if you've been successful in this field for a number of years, be willing to mentor someone who is just getting started. We all need advice and support at times in our life and we all have something we can share. Also, regardless of your experience as a volunteer leader, FVA could use you on a committee. All you have to do is reach out and let us know what area you're interested in helping with and we'll contact you with that committee.