2024 Workshops 

All programs last approx. 1 1/2 hours.
Programs may be virtual or virtual & in-person
Free for current FVA members

Thursday, February 15
Time: 9:00am - Virtual
Networking/Best Practices — Facilitated by Professional Resources

Join us for an engaging session on Goal Setting and Best Practices, led by our professional resource team. Let's tackle common Volunteer Management challenges together, sharing our collective wisdom. Set your sights on professional excellence in the coming year. We'll revisit these goals throughout 2024 during workshops, culminating in a discussion of your self-improvement journey at the December 12 workshop. Don't miss this opportunity to boost your work performance and shine in the new year!"

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Thursday, March 14
Time: 9:00am - Virtual
Career Advancement in Volunteer Management "Be Your Best Brand" — Sandy Mobley

Is this all there is? Taking a look at our roles, how they can be expanded, how we can move up, reach up, step up to earn the level of management we deserve. Let's think outside the box! We all have a brand at work, whether we know it or not.  People might see you as the person to come to when they need a creative solution or look for you when they want to influence the boss with a new idea.  If you aren’t clear at how you are unique and able to articulate it, people may overlook you for a job or project that would be right up your alley.

In this workshop we help you identify your strengths, how they have made a difference at work, your key experiences, and what you want to be remembered for. We then reduce these experiences to 1-3 statements that you can use when meeting people to let them know what your gifts are.

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Thursday, May 9
Time: 9:00am - Virtual
Discipline and Conflict Resolution — Jon Hoerauf

Conflict is often seen as either something scary to avoid at all costs or something that needs to be overpowered and eliminated as soon as possible. In both cases, conflict is the enemy and therefore the focus of the intervention. The more someone focuses on the conflict, the more tensions and negative anticipations rise. Conflict is not the problem to be addressed, but an indicator of a deeper need. When that need is identified and addressed the conflict will subside. In other words, once the need is met the conflict will have served its purpose and is no longer necessary. With this perspective, conflict can be embraced as an ally rather than an adversary to be vanquished.

In this workshop we will explore the traditional approaches to conflict resolution and expose why they are ineffective. We will then uncover some of the potential needs that the symptom of conflict might be pointing to. Finally, we will take some time to discuss and apply how we can use this knowledge to address real life conflicts that the participants are facing.

Thursday, September 12
Time: 9:00am - Virtual & In-person
Reset Your Mind and Body - for Volunteer Administrators — Lisa Meranti

Join for a session with FVA member and Summit Metro Parks Manager of Volunteer Programs Lisa Meranti to read, regulate, and reset your mind and body. As volunteer administrators, we are busy with addressing executive staff, field staff, and volunteers needs and wants. Let this be a time to address your own needs and wants as well as an opportunity to bring tools to others. Mindfulness, gentle movement, nature connections, and personal/group reflections will be integrated to help you feel more balanced and whole. Dress in comfortable clothes you can move in. Bring a yoga mat or towel.

Thursday, October 10
Time: 9:00am - Virtual
Mastering Google Drive and Canva- Holly Bhatt

Join this interactive workshop where we will dive deep into the world of Google Drive and Canva to empower you with the skills needed to streamline your projects. This workshop, led by Holly Bhatt CVA, is designed to enhance your marketing and organization skills. Google Drive highlights include exploring collaborative Google Doc features for real-time editing and feedback, exploring the many uses of Google Forms, and understanding sharing settings. Canva highlights include creating eye-catching visual content, learning to utilize many of the shortcut features, and mastering design elements, such as layouts, fonts, color schemes. No matter what level you are, we hope you will become better equipped with the knowledge and skills to use both programs to their full potential.

Thursday, December 12
Time: 9:00am - Virtual
2024 KEY LEARNINGS — Facilitated by Professional Resources
So what did you learn this year? How did you grow? What can you share with the rest of us that will help us in the new year? Let's get together and connect and thrive.

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